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F.A.M.I.L.Y Movement, seek Inc. is a 501c3 certified non-profit organization founded by Lakenya Rivers (formerly Johnson) in 2008.  We empower families in transitional living through mentoring and teaching Self Worth and Family Values.

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(New or Lightly Used Clothing, Shoes, Furniture (t.v., dishes, stands), hygiene products, food, Gift cards, etc.
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In-kind Donations
(New or Lightly Used Clothing, this Shoes, more about Furniture (t.v., pill dishes, stands), hygiene products, food, Gift cards, etc.
Every Little counts!!
Our services are primarily for Dorchester residents and youth. These services help them to succeed by building a foundational learning tool in Mental Stability, cheap Physical Awareness, page Education/Financial Growth and Workforce Development.
Mental Stability
(Workshops) – Metro Boston
Educational and Financial Growth
  • Educational Resources – Obtaining GED
  • Computer Training
  • Financial Literacy (Budgeting and Savings)
Physical Awareness
(February ’09, buy June ’09,
September ’09, December ’09)
  • Fitness Classes
Workforce Development
  • Financial Literacy (Budgeting and Savings)
  • Job placement
Youth Enrichment with Youth Programs Only
  • Community Service
  • Prevention studies in several locations
  • Fun Events for youth

Lakenya Rivers is a humble powerhouse devoted to the cause of empowering women and families. Her personal story of challenging hardships has defined her as a woman of victory, patient walking in her destiny. Lakenya is a motivation to some and a hero to others. Despite the struggles of her past, this she walks with her head held high reaching her hands out to those in need. With selfless devotion, Lakenya is an agent of change serving women in the Boston community and beyond.

Founder and Executive Director of F.A.M.I.L.Y. Movement, Lakenya is just beginning to walk into her calling. Through this movement Lakenya strives to instill “ Forgiveness, Acknowledgment, Motivation, Inspiration, and Love within Yourself.” This organization functions by providing educational opportunities to the 200+ plus women and families annually Lakenya currently works with. In the role of “life coach,” she presents workshops focusing on self-esteem, professionalism, parenting, finances, and more. F.A.M.I.L.Y. Movement’s primary goal is mentoring young women in homeless shelters, inspiring them to strive for a successful future. Lakenya has successfully presented to top-tier management of major corporations in efforts to solicit adequate funding. Her established relationships with Revision House, as well as Bridge Over Troubled Waters is propelling her into opportunities for major grants in her efforts to sustain F.A.M.I.L.Y. Movement.

Featured in the Boston Herald in 2007 as a success story entitled “From Young Mother to Role Model,” Lakenya’s extensive work with community organizations has garnered much acclaim. She is a sought after speaker, bringing hope to audiences comprised of woman in transition. Her ability to empathize with the trials young women face comes from her own experience. With determined strength and passion Lakenya has overcome the most challenging of circumstances. As a single mother, Lakenya strives to be a role model for young women throughout the Boston area as well as for her daughter and sister (whom she attained custody of in 2002).  Lakenya was also nominated and granted the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Woman award in 2009 for doing great works in the community.  In March 2014, she was featured on Chronicle, WCVB News on a segment geared towards Boston Strong with Bridge Over Troubled Waters which is the shelter resided in as a teen mother, and now mentors life skills with mothers and youth to help them become self-sufficient.  Lakenya now resides in a beautiful condo in Dorchester with her husband, sister and 3 children.

F.A.M.I.L.Y. Movement, Inc. is a mentoring organization founded by Lakenya Rivers in 2008.Our vision is to empower individuals (families, women and youth) in homeless shelters/transitional living by teaching self-worth and family values.  We also build UNITY in the Community by connecting organizations, businesses, and people to our quarterly clothes drives, events and workshops.

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